Run For A Reason

Breakthrough Cancer Research

Nearly 750 people die from Cancer every month in Ireland.
We want to change that.
Breakthrough Cancer Research is calling 750 runners to join us this year as we Run For A Reason...
Will you be one of them?

Sign up today...
-Choose your run (or runs!)
-Register with Breakthrough by contacting to get your fundraising supplies and support!
-Join our campaign by setting up your own Everyday Hero fundraising page!

Share your reason!
Breakthrough would love to hear your reason for running...
Take a picture of yourself holding a poster (you can download a template here) with your reason for joining #teambreakthrough!
Post it on your fundraising page, social media platform or send it over to us at

Why be 1 in 750?

People believe that the worst day they or a loved one will have is hearing a cancer diagnosis. However, this is not the worst day. The worst day is when the doctor tells them there is no hope. They have tried everything. There is nothing more they can do. The cure for their cancer does not exist.

Breakthrough Cancer Research (Breakthrough) is working hard to make sure our family, friends and communities across Ireland have access to the best treatments for cancer and never have to hear the words, there is no hope.

For more information on Breakthrough, visit us at

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